Hanlon Has Reimagined What Life As An
Investment Advisor Could And Should Be

— And The Advisory Landscape Will Never Be The Same.

We Looked At The Wealth Management Business From An Advisor’s Perspective,
Threw Out The Playbook And Rebuilt The Model From The Ground Up.
We Call It…

The Hanlon Wealth Platform

Economists call it creative destruction. To our competitors, it’s an unwelcome disruption of the status quo. For registered investment advisors, family offices, broker/dealers, and financial institutions, Hanlon’s approach to serving their needs is an innovative business model that finally allows them to turn their full focus to serving clients and growing their practices.

We recognized your need for one integrated technology bundle, so we built one. We recognized your need for efficient, first class service, so we diligently perform over 300 tasks for you. We recognized your need for a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use asset management platform, so we designed one that includes our Tactical and All-Weather Models, along with Blackrock, Russell, and many other managers.

With Hanlon, life as an advisor becomes what you wanted it to be when you first entered the business, by liberating you from a convoluted web of compliance, reporting and other administrative responsibilities that have come to dominate life as an advisor. We free you to focus your time, energy and staffing on helping others reach their financial goals, building and strengthening client relationships, and growing your business to its fullest potential.

One Platform. Full Integration. Infinite Potential.