Our Investment Support Team

Let’s Construct Your Client’s Portfolio

Money management has become so commoditized that advisors and clients sometimes think there are too many options. Yet, each client is unique and deserves a carefully constructed, comprehensive portfolio that meets their specific circumstances.

We have the solution for you.

Advisors like to grow their practice in a successful fashion, yet must always be servicing existing client relationships. One solution is to use the Hanlon Managed Accounts Platform (HMAP). HMAP offers a carefully curated, manageable number of models.

An ironic inefficiency.

Your practice is most efficient when you’re outsourcing asset management. More complex client situations have historically demanded a more “hands-on” than “hands-off” approach. Also, studies have shown that advisors as portfolio manager accounts tend to have double the volatility without any commensurate increase in returns, compared to strategist managed model portfolios.

You just don’t have the time to do it all.

Our Investment Support Team members are entirely knowledgeable in our Model Marketplace and perfectly positioned to help you build a portfolio to meet all the requirements and constraints each client could ever prioritize. Whether it’s a client seeking aggressive returns, another who needs income, another with tax-sensitivity (or one with all three!), we’ve researched it and will suggest the optimal solution for you to present.

You can either:

1. Do it yourselfLogin here to our Model Marketplace to review the inventory of Models, and refine your review by using the filtering tools. Select one or combine multiple models for your client portfolio.

2. Speak With an Expert – Our Investment Support Team will assist you in constructing a portfolio that best meets your client’s needs, regardless of the complexity. For more information contact us at 888-641-7100 or email sales@hanlon.com.

Whether your clients are small, large, relatively simple or extremely sophisticated, we have the UMA capabilities, and have done the research to create the optimal portfolio. No matter the complexity of the case or constraints of the client, we have a solution.

By using our Model Marketplace and our Investment Support Team, we will prepare, propose, and help you open that new account. It’s that easy. We do the work, you get the client signatures. Contact us today.

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