Should Long-Term Investors Own More Emerging Market Equities? – Forbes Published

Sean Hanlon CEO and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Hanlon Investment Management, Aug 1st article in ForbesShould Long-Term Investors Own More Emerging Market Equities? discusses whether long-term investors should consider allocating more of their equity allocation to emerging markets now. With a detailed look into emerging markets, the answer may surprise you.


“Emerging markets are diverse, yet dominated by a few large countries. China represents over 38% of the market capitalization of emerging markets, with India and South Korea coming in second and third. The statistics of the companies comprising the constituents of the MSCI Emerging Markets IMI are varied. The largest company in the index has a market capitalization of $286.1 Billion and the smallest is $15 Million. The average market capitalization of a company in the index is $2.1 Billion while the median company size is $449.2 Million.”

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