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Financial Representatives are facing higher expectations than ever before. Maintaining a successful relationship with clients requires not only developing a financial plan or tax strategy. In today’s constantly connected world, you must be accessible 24/7 to serve your clients, and somehow find the time to open, service, and manage client accounts, all while handling day-to-day office duties, and reviewing strategic business concerns. These pressures can make the Financial Representative feel encumbered with trying to be the “one stop shop” for their clients. That is where Hanlon – a true “one stop shop” for the Financial Representative – can make a significant difference in your life and business.

Much like how Henry Ford revolutionized the assembly line, utilizing the Hanlon Managed Account Platform with our Middle and Back Office services eases the burden on the Financial Representative by utilizing our scalable, efficient workflows for servicing your clients’ accounts. Our workflows include all aspects of account opening, servicing, trading, and data reconciliation. Our standardized policies and procedures allow us to focus on servicing your clients’ accounts, so you can focus on growing your business.

By implementing and constantly reviewing our stringent quality assurance procedures, we are able to sustain the highest levels of accuracy and proficiency. As a result, our overall accuracy rate is consistently at or above 99.98%. How do we maintain such a high accuracy rate? As Rasheed Ogunlaru once said, “speed and efficiency are two different things.”

  1. We believe in empowering our personnel through encouraging open communication, continuing education, and organization. This allows us to set reasonable expectations and develop strong relationships with our advisors.
  2. We encourage fact-finding in our personnel, and trust that thorough review can transform a challenge into a solution.
  3. We ensure our workflows are standardized, scalable, and subject to meticulous review from our quality assurance team.
  4. We are regularly monitoring for any updates in the industry, which may affect our processes, and in turn, your business. We always let you know of important updates, and provide firm support during RMD and Tax Season.
  5. We believe in transparency, and offer the Financial Representative a window into our world through our Hanlon Managed Accounts Platform.

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Above all, we are dedicated to providing white glove service to our advisors and clients. Experience has taught us that going above and beyond is both appreciated and fondly remembered. The human touch sets us apart. When you call Hanlon, you will always be greeted warmly, and forwarded directly to our Sales or Service area, where one of our experts will assist in your specific needs. Seamless service is our top priority because our goals are one in the same – enhancing the Financial Representative experience by delivering outstanding service, which allows you to expand your client base.

If you are interested in hearing more of what Hanlon has to offer, please contact our Sales Department at
1-888-641-7100 or via email at We look forward to hearing from you!