Our focus is making your life as an advisor easier.

The Hanlon Managed Account Platform

A complete, fully-integrated, next generation Turnkey Asset Management Program (TAMP) with the power to streamline your business and dramatically elevate the advice and service you provide to clients. With an eye on efficiency and ease of use, we offer features beyond most managed account platforms, which will simplify your practice to free you to focus your time and resources on establishing and strengthening client relationships. You can choose your custodian, asset managers and deliver to your clients uncommon flexibilities to meet their particular needs.

One Seamless Experience

World Class Asset Management

Instead of going after a big number of asset managers, we’re driven to deliver the right number.

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When it comes to providing access to asset management, some firms are all about quantity, boasting that you will have the chance to choose from thousands of options. At Hanlon, we emphasize quality and making advisors’ lives easier. By applying a proprietary evaluation process, we crystallize those thousands of choices into a carefully curated collection of institutional asset managers spanning a wide variety of styles and asset classes.

The Model Marketplace

Select from an extensive listing of investment models. Using the filtering, sorting and favorite model features, you can easily identify models you prefer to use to meet your client’s needs. The save filter option provides easy access to filtered lists for future reference.

Model Marketplace

Flexible Asset Management Services

Our Unified Managed Account (UMA) capability provides unparalleled flexibility. In one account, you can provide world-class asset managers, each in their own sleeve, and the following Flexible Asset Management Services, each in their dedicated sleeves.

When your client needs to maintain higher cash balances or on-hand liquidity, the Reserved Cash sleeve lets you segregate cash balances. We also make sure each periodic check/ACH goes perfectly with our periodic withdrawal management.

Investment Policy Questionnaire

The Hanlon Managed Account Platform provides a customized approach to creating an asset allocation plan for the Account. Determine the investment objectives, risk profile and time horizon for every account, assuring the investment recommendations meet each client’s particular needs.

Model Marketplace

Proposal Generation

Our investment proposal system creates professional and compliant investment proposals. Consistent with your clients investor risk profile, the proposal tool will help you prepare and present a custom model allocation incorporating model & non-model assets. The proposal, and new account opening documents, can be delivered to the prospect/client for their review in paper or via the secure prospect/client portal.

Proposal Generation

Unified Managed Account Capabilities

With our broad Unified Managed Account (UMA) capabilities, depending upon your chosen custodian, you can consolidate your clients’ assets into one account, including mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, cash management, Non-Managed assets, Non-Model assets, and more. As a result, you can monitor, evaluate and manage investment portfolios in one place, making sound decisions about allocation, taxes and risk.

CLient Portal

Client Portal

The Client Portal gives clients secure instant access to account values, building loyalty and trust. It also facilitates the flow of information between advisor and client, and if desired even their accountant, attorney and other professionals. Client Portal access is also available for interested-party’s such as for the adult children of older clients. Household and account values, performance, client documents, and client password resets are all easily available through the client portal.

CLient Portal

One Platform. Full Integration. Infinite Potential.

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