Intelligent Asset Management

Intelligent Asset Management

Hanlon gives financial professionals access to a full spectrum of competitive wealth management capabilities, including an asset management platform like no other. It’s just one more resource that helps you refocus on building client relationships by delegating key functions to highly capable experts in their field.

Our approach to asset management emphasizes your freedom to move across a broad investment universe. Tap Hanlon’s expertise, build your own models or use strategies from the industry’s largest asset managers—the choice is always yours.

Hanlon’s own asset management offerings include the Hanlon Tactical Models, Hanlon All-Weather Models, mutual funds and managed accounts. With an emphasis on performance in all market conditions, Hanlon can help your clients build wealth with a proven investment process that emphasizes comprehensive research and exceptionally broad diversification.

Beyond Hanlon, you’ll also enjoy access to leading managers, including BlackRock, Russell, and more — with offerings that span a diverse array of investment styles and asset classes. It’s a collection that’s carefully researched and cultivated to ensure advisors are always within reach of quality managers and the power to diversify.

Put it all together, and it’s a set of asset management capabilities that positions you and your clients for mutual success in reaching your goals.

Our Asset Management Offerings


With selective shifts in and out of certain asset classes, Hanlon’s tactical models seek to avoid large portfolio setbacks—making them an attractive complement to other strategies.

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Tailored to address varying needs, each model features a precise blend of asset classes and styles aimed at achieving the greatest reward for a given level of risk.

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We understand that you seek growth of your Retirement Portfolio, and seek to reduce the volatility associated with today’s markets. And we know you want to spend less time worrying about your portfolio and more time enjoying life.

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Our Research allows us to design comprehensive, multi-asset class portfolios with a goal of ensuring your clients are well-compensated for whatever amount of risk they choose to take.

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Hanlon Is The Investment Advisor For Two Mutual Funds

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