Hanlon Outsourcing

Portfolio Management
Offering the wealth management industry’s broadest range of features for analysis, compliance, asset allocation, reporting and presentation, Hanlon’s portfolio management capabilities can help you manage mutual funds, equities, fixed income, mortgage-backed securities and alternative investments – including partnerships and real estate. Through seamless integration with financial institutions, and your own financial planning programs, the power to manage your clients portfolio is at your fingertips.

With our platform you can:

  • Download data automatically from hundreds of sources
  • Aggregate account positions from unmanaged sources
  • Store historical prices, distributions and performance histories
  • Calculate daily Time-Weighted Returns (TWR) and Internal Rate of Returns (IRR)
  • Produce composite portfolio reports for any period or portfolio group
  • Produce accurate after-tax portfolio returns
  • Handle cash distributions with tax implications
  • Maintain accrual accounting for dividends and interests
  • Generate Monte Carlo comparisons for each financial goal
Client Billing
Calculating fees , debiting custodians, and preparing and delivery client performance reports via mail or posting to the Client Portals is not a strategic activity for any firm. Hanlon takes the burden off of your firm and handles these functions perfectly for you.

Rebalancing & Trading
Hanlon’s rebalancing module takes the labor and uncertainty out of one of the most important investment processes—rebalancing. It automatically readjusts client portfolios to a user-defined target model asset allocation, generating the most tax efficient and lowest cost transactions to accomplish the rebalancing goal – across multiple custodians.

Utilizing this optimizing tool enables you to:

  • Combine qualified and nonqualified accounts together in the same portfolio and rebalance accordingly
  • Reduce back-office labor costs
  • Accelerate growth by attracting higher-end clients
  • Review and edit before the export file is sent to custodians for execution
  • Increase returns for clients
  • Create trades based products swaps without rebalancing
  • Product Swap and Buy Product tools to create trades that does not require a full rebalance
  • Rebalance across multiple custodians
Data Download And Reconciliation
The Hanlon Data Reconciliation team, on a daily basis, will download the custodial files, import them into the platform and run the appropriate diagnostics to ensure the data is perfect before the trading day begins. Hanlon will correct all exceptions and processes all corporate actions.
Performance And Data Validation
Having accurate data and precise performance reporting is crucial to running an efficient firm and retaining clients. Hanlon performs tax lot reconciliation so that the firm’s data matches that of the custodian, verifies and handles portfolio performance deviations for both time-weighted return (TWR) and internal rate of return (IRR) calculation and ensures models and benchmarks are verified and accurate.

Performance Measurement and Reporting
As part of an advisors back office service, Hanlon Advisory Software offers a multitude of account, portfolio, household, asset class and investment category level reports in which will run and publish to your client once approved. These reports enable an advisor to track their clients’ overall success in achieving short-and long-range goals, while highlighting the performance of the overall portfolio along with the individual assets. The advisor can create a package using any of the single client review reports for a customized reporting package.

Account On-Boarding
Hanlon will receive new account paperwork, open the account on both the Hanlon Advisory Software platform and the custodial platform, ensure all paperwork is in good order, trade the account into the model and create the client portal. This process will be executed based upon a custom firm specific checklist.

Account Service Request Processing
Staffing to perform client service transactions is challenging and takes away from the primary focus of managing the clients’ relationship and assets. Hanlon’s Client Operations answers the incoming request for client account service transactions and services the account. These services include processing ad hoc withdrawals and additions, making address changes, moving money between accounts, managing periodic distributions and contributions and closing client accounts.

Find Out More About The Services We Provide
GIPS® Composite Calculation
and Performance Reporting

GIPS® Performance Composite Calculation and Reporting adds a level of credibility and sophistication to any firm. Hanlon prepares the firm’s composites per the GIPS® rules and calculates the composite performance returns. Hanlon delivers the calculated composites and provides a branded GIPS® report for distribution.

Compliance Reporting
Hanlon also prepares and delivers other regulatory reports including the 13F and 13H.

One Platform. Full Integration. Infinite Potential.