Hanlon Advisory Software

Client Portal
Hanlon’s client portal gives clients secure instant access to their entire financial picture, as of the previous night, building loyalty and trust. We provide a unique online service offering and facilitating the free flow of information between an advisor, the client, their accountant, attorney and other representatives.

CLient Portal Advisor has the ability to:

  • Customize the portal with a firm logo and colors
  • Display all of the thirteen portlets or some of them

Clients can view:

  • Household profile
  • Financial summary
  • Client documents
  • Client Assets charts and tables
  • Quick Reports of Balance Sheets, Financial Statements, Portfolio Holdings, and Investment Analysis
  • Advisor contact information
  • Client password resets
Document Storage & Sharing
Hanlon’s client portal module has the ability to share documents with an advisor’s clients quickly and securely by posting them on the individual client portal for the client to view. The client also has the ability to upload documents that the advisor has requested back to through the portal.

CLient Portal Document Storage & Sharing Features:

  • Advisor and client both have the ability to upload and download documents to the client portal
  • Clients can upload personal documents such as wills, trusts & passports
  • Email notification auto generated if documents are upload or download by either party
  • Helps enhance the client relationship by bringing more value to the client’s personal life
Financial Planning
Our financial planning tool provides the comprehensive perspective where an advisor can furnish their clients with expert advice on retirement planning, education funding and estate planning. Hanlon’s database contains client goals, tax and cash flow items, assets, liabilities and insurance.

Our State-Of-The-Art Functionality Includes:

  • Create planning scenarios based on cash flow and client goals
  • Review financial goals and portfolio performance seamlessly
  • Calculate multiyear net worth, cash flow and tax projections
  • Control risk by setting alert conditions and alarm thresholds
  • Create, maintain and archive unlimited planning strategies
Client Reporting

Hanlon’s client reports reinforce your service-driven mindset. Our comprehensive client reviews can be pivotal in helping you demonstrate to clients your expertise and concern about their financial health. These reports enable you to track your clients’ overall success in achieving short- and long-range goals, while highlighting the performance of the overall portfolio along with the individual assets. Your client presentation will leverage Hanlon’s unified database, underscoring the importance of integrating portfolio performance with financial planning. If you choose, you can combine any of the single Client Review reports to create your own customized reporting package

CLient Portal CLient Portal
Customer Relationship Manager
Hanlon’s Customer Relationship Management module eases workload and builds loyalty. Hanlon’s Customer Relationship Management software gives advisors the power to transition seamlessly between a client’s personal information and account data & reporting tools, a benefit unavailable with standalone CRM modules. Features available include practice intelligence, client and advisor access, practice management and compliance support.

Our State-Of-The-Art Functionality Includes:

  • Generate up-to-date financial summaries and cash flow reports
  • View comprehensive client information
  • Create client holding reports
  • Communicate quickly about changing market conditions
  • Print or export customizable lists for detailed analysis
  • Manage and share client documents and presentations securely
  • Create secure and personalized site for client and advisor access
  • Set alerts and alarms for virtually any situation
  • Manage and automate office workflow and business processes
  • Manage advisors through tiered reporting
  • Maintain compliance with secure document storage
  • Create tasks, encounters, and appointments
Account Aggregation
The Hanlon aggregation service provides advisors and investors up to date access to their financial accounts and provides daily updates for a more holistic view of total wealth – a personal financial picture, including liabilities.

Investor demand continues to accelerate as they seek a single, mobile friendly window through which they can view their financial lives. Aggregation delivers Hanlon advisors increased productivity, less back office work, greater ease with tasks like reconciling across multiple custodians and enhanced compliance reporting.

The aggregation platform includes drag-and-drop functionality that looks at an investor’s total wealth, balance sheet, cash flows, and asset allocation. This includes customized report generation, a document vault, and alerts that notify investors if their asset allocation is no longer in balance, funds are transferred out of an account, or a deposit is made to an account. Hanlon advisors can also customize branding of the platform and use it to analyze their entire book of business.

To provide a total, holistic client experience – aggregation is a must.

Account Aggregation Features:

  • Removes administrative work in the advisor office
  • Transaction and position data can be aggregated
  • Ability to calculate performance
  • Visible on the client portal
  • Widgets displaying aggregated accounts
  • Liability inclusion
  • 12,000+ financial institutions
Firm Management Using Dashboards
Hanlon’s dashboards and widgets helps a firm’s leadership with daily management while supporting the advisors’ management of their clients’ portfolios. The dashboards allow the advisor the ability to access information in one area, eliminating the need to navigate deeper within the system. The dashboard widgets allow an advisor to add, remove and filter on certain views to provide the most useful information.

CLient Portal Support More Insightful Decision Making With:

  • Faster Firm Issue Resolution
  • Better Client Management and Support
  • Seamless Integration with TD Ameritrade Institutional
  • Superior Time Management
  • Firm Performance Monitoring
  • Customize widgets to expose the level of information required
  • View data ‘at-a-glance’
Proposal Generation
Hanlon’s proposal generation module is designed to streamline and automate the proposal process for advisors. Advisors will gather the necessary information from a prospective client and create a proposal investment solution.

Proposal Generation Features:

  • Investment Profile Questionnaire
  • Review the recommended allocation by asset class or investment category
  • Add models by investment category
  • Generate reports
Model Creation and Management
Hanlon’s allows a firm to create asset allocation models within our system for trading. Models can be allocated within Hanlon by asset class or products and attached to portfolios for tracking purposes. They can also be easily managed by a click of a button via the software instead of by phone or fax. The advisor will also have the ability to set tolerance levels on the established models in which the system will notify the advisor via email when that portfolio is out of sync with that model.

Model Creation And Management Features:

  • Manage your own models by asset class or product
  • Set a tolerance on model to be notified
Exchange Sync
The Exchange sync product serves to eliminate the need for an advisor to manage CRM information in multiple areas. The syncing of information means that an advisor can use any system to update and the information will automatically flow to the other. Hanlon and your exchange server can remain synchronized and allow you to spend less time managing data and more time interacting with your customers.

Exchange Sync Features:

  • Appointment, Task, and Contact Syncing
  • Creation of Encounters from Emails transpiring between advisor and clients
  • Bidirectional
  • Automatic
UMA Portfolio Accounting
Hanlon’s portfolio management module offers the wealth management industry’s broadest range of features for analysis, compliance, asset allocation, reporting and presentation. Hanlon’s portfolio management module assists you in managing mutual funds, equities, fixed income, mortgage-backed securities, and alternative investments, including partnerships and real estate.

Portfolio Accounting Features:

  • Automatic data download
  • Aggregate account position from unmanaged sources
  • Store historical prices, distributions and performance histories
  • Calculate daily Time-Weighted Returns (TWR) and Internal Rate of Returns (IRR)
  • Handle cash distributions with tax implications
  • Maintain accrual accounting for dividends/interests
Model Manager Portal
Hanlon’s Manager Portal is a unique feature that can be hard to find elsewhere. Tired of making phone calls or sending in faxes to change your model allocations? Log into Hanlon and do it yourself through our Manager portal.

Model Management:

  • 3rd party money manager
  • Ability to log on to manage models
TD Ameritrade Insitutional: Veo® Integration
Hanlon’s Advisory Software is integrated with the TD Ameritrade Institutional Veo® platform to provide Hanlon Advisors with real time data that goes well beyond the basic data most systems offer. Allowing you to spend more time managing your client relationships. This integration provides real time data including:

  • Real time price quotes
  • Real time position views
  • Real time transaction views
  • Account level alerts (trading & cash)

TD Ameritrade, Inc. and Hanlon Investment Management are separate, unaffiliated companies and they are not responsible for each other’s services and products. Veo Integrated is an indication of programming compatibility. It does not imply any TD Ameritrade, Inc. recommendation of, endorsement of, warranty of, or fitness for use of Hanlon Investment Management’s services. TD Ameritrade is not responsible for information, opinions or services provided by Hanlon Investment Management. Brokerage services provided exclusively by TD Ameritrade, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. Veo is a trademark of TD Ameritrade, Inc. TD Ameritrade is a trademark jointly owned by TD Ameritrade IP Company, Inc. and The Toronto-Dominion Bank. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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