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As a wealth manager, time is your most precious asset of all and you can’t afford to allocate the majority of it to anything other than deepening your existing client relationships and establishing new ones. At Hanlon, our entire focus is on liberating you and your team from distractions while saving you time and money. With a truly comprehensive and integrated technology platform, innovative asset management and the ability to process hundreds of different and unique types of service transactions, we’ll help your practice run more smoothly and efficiently than you ever thought possible.

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  • Tyler J. Richey, CFP®

    “The Hanlon Advisory Software platform allows us to streamline our planning and RIA business. Having the CRM, portfolio performance and financial planning all-in-one is a true game changer.”
    Tyler J. Richey, CFP® – Asset Solutions, Inc.

  • Tyler J. Richey, CFP®

    “Being in the financial service industry since the early 1980’s, I could not imagine running a planning and RIA business without Hanlon Advisory Software.”
    Mark A. Richey, CFP® – Asset Solutions, Inc.

  • Dwain A. Blake, CLU, LUTCF, FSCP

    “Your proposal made it easy for me to discuss the investment selections with my client. Made my meeting a breeze.”
    Dwain A. Blake, CLU, LUTCF, FSCP – Canyon Ridge Group, LLC

  • Erik Dodds

    “Quality advisor service is a high priority when doing business with Hanlon. The Hanlon Managed Account Platform makes my job so much easier, saves a ton of time!”
    Erik Dodds – Canyon Ridge Group, LLC

  • Diane Coté (Assistant to John Sellers)

    “The Hanlon Managed Account Platform is a pleasure to work with – the ease of navigation, the proposal generation which leads to the paperwork needed….WOW….and if I can’t figure it out, the Hanlon staff is always there to help – they are the best!”
    Diane Coté (Assistant to John Sellers) – Sellers Financial Services

  • Alan J. Conner, CPFA

    “I’ve been a user of Hanlon Advisory software for 4 years now and I love how every tool I need to run my business is behind one password. It’s easy and a wonderful thing!”
    Alan J. Conner, CPFA – NovaPoint Capital, LLC

  • Don Moser

    “My experience with Hanlon has been excellent, from the back office support right thru to the home office support. I don’t know how I could possible do what I do without them!”
    Don Moser – DSM Capital Wealth Management

  • Larry Hightower, CFP®

    “It’s an absolute pleasure to work on the Hanlon Managed Account platform. My Client Advisor and her staff are both pleasant, professional and very knowledgeable. From the moment they answer my call to everyone that I may encounter on the call, make me feel that they value my business. They all work in unison to make new client on-boarding and client service easy and stress free. You guys are the BEST!”
    Larry M. Hightower, CFP® – Hightower & Boler, LLC

  • Michael Grant, ChFC®, Cff

    “For my set up the best experience has been the aggregation and reconciliation along with the portal. Having one software for so many features is great conceptually and so far the strength is the client portal. My clients love the feature and add their outside accounts to keep up with everything in one spot.”
    Michael Grant, ChFC®, Cff – 22 Seven Wealth Management, Inc.

Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. This testimonial does not represent the experience of all customers. Each customer situation is different and goals may not always be achieved.

Hanlon Frees You To Focus On Your Clients.

Asset Management

Position yourself to deliver truly comprehensive and responsive wealth management by delegating asset management to Hanlon. Clients can benefit from our disciplined combination of strategic and tactical investing—and from the extra time you’ll have to foster your relationship with them.

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Many firms cobble systems together and call it a single platform. At Hanlon, we’ve built the real thing: One platform, one database. It’s a streamlined and unified solution that will save you time, staffing and make your life as a wealth manager far more enjoyable.

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Offload complete responsibility for more than 300 transactions to Hanlon’s service professionals. With our meticulous approach to quality assurance, you’ll be confident that your client relationships will be protected from missteps and strengthened by our passion for service.

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